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Moment of Glory · The 5000th SITRAK of March Rolled Off the Production Line

At the last day of Quarter 1 of 2020, SITRAK, China’s high-end heavy truck pacemaker, ushered in its glorious moment – the 5000th SITRAK of March rolled off from the Manufacturing Division of SINOTRUK Jinan Commercial Co., Ltd.



SITRAK, which entered Chinese high end heavy truck market earliest and realized the largest sales volume till now, has been the pacemaker of China’s high-end-oriented heavy truck brand since its launching to market in 2013. The order of SITRAK in Quarter 1 of 2019 accomplished 3,000 units, while the production and sales volume of SITRAK reaches 5,000 units this March. Moreover, the orders remain ample and the demand stays strong. This marks that SITRAK, as a benchmark amongst domestic heavy truck, has achieved a great leap from quantitative change to qualitative change. In future, SINOTRUK will continue improving its technical quality level in an all-round way, step up efforts to advance transformation and upgrading, and provide better-quality products and service for customers.



The event was broadcast by 8 on-line live-broadcasting platforms. More than 1.5 million people witnessed the glorious moment of SITRAK through live broadcasting.






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